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Genomic DNA Prep for Next Generation Sequencing

Genomic DNA Prep for Next Generation Sequencing
Genomic DNA prep for next generation sequencing, using GenomiPhi™

A method is described for genomic DNA preparation using Ready-To-Go GenomiPhi, which is stable at ambient temperature, greatly simplifying sample handling in genomics workflows, such as that for next generation sequencing (NGS).

GenomiPhi is highly useful if limited DNA samples are available, or there is a need to simply and rapidly stock up on genomic DNA prior to techniques such as sequencing, genotyping or array CGH. Based on Phi29 DNA polymerase, GenomiPhi is available in Ready-To-Go (RTG) room-temperature stable format, as well as the classic liquid format. RTG GenomiPhi has higher yield than the liquid format, giving high quality, amplified DNA, representative of the whole genome, in < 2 h.

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