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VWR introduces c-LEcta DENARASE®

VWR introduces c-LEcta DENARASE®
GÜLTIG BIS: 31/12/2018
The cGMP nuclease that cleaves all forms of DNA and RNA

In biopharmaceutical manufacturing, nuclease as a specific enzyme is used to quantitively eliminate host cell DNA and RNA during the production of biologicals and vaccines, as well as for viscosity reduction of biotechnology applications.

  • Full cGMP compliance
  • Animal product-free production
  • Endotoxin-free production strain
  • High purity and activity
  Purity Activity Pk Cat. No. Price Quantity
  >99% >250 U/µl 100 kU 20804-100K  
  >99% >250 U/µl 500 kU 20804-500K  
  >99% >250 U/µl 1 MU 20804-1M  
  >99% >250 U/µl 5 MU 20804-5M