Bulk media for HPLC, POLYGOPREP

MANA711003.1000EA 280 EUR
MANA711003.1000 MANA711031.100 MANA711009.1000 MANA711023.100 MANA711017.1000 MANA711014.100 MANA711015.100 MANA711025.1000 MANA711011.1000 MANA711480.100 MANA711032.100 MANA711024.100 MANA711480.1000 MANA711016.100 MANA711620.1000 MANA711004.1000 MANA711012.1000 MANA711026.1000 MANA711007.100 MANA711550.1000 MANA711250.1000 MANA711034.1000 MANA711018.1000 MANA711012.100 MANA711025.100 MANA711260.1000 MANA711540.1000 MANA711001.1000 MANA711008.100 MANA711033.1000 MANA711036.1000 MANA711700.100 MANA711026.100 MANA711013.100 MANA711490.100 MANA711028.1000 MANA711730.100 MANA711490.1000 MANA711690.1000 MANA711009.100 MANA711028.100 MANA711027.100 MANA711270.1000 MANA711022.1000 MANA711470.1000 MANA711019.100 MANA711730.1000 MANA711630.1000 MANA711014.1000 MANA711006.1000 MANA711590.100 MANA711700.1000 MANA711015.1000 MANA711690.100 MANA711011.100 MANA711029.1000 MANA711029.100 MANA711500.1000 MANA711037.1000 MANA711023.1000 MANA711007.1000 MANA711031.1000 MANA711470.100 MANA711024.1000 MANA711720.100 MANA711017.100 MANA711027.1000 MANA711021.1000 MANA711032.1000 MANA711016.1000 MANA711019.1000 MANA711720.1000 MANA711240.1000 MANA711021.100 MANA711035.1000 MANA711610.1000 MANA711018.100 MANA711008.1000 MANA711590.1000 MANA711022.100 MANA711013.1000 MANA711500.100 MANA711005.1000 MANA711002.1000
Bulk media for HPLC, POLYGOPREP
Chromatographie-Sorbentien HPLC-Sorbentien
Irregular silica phase for preparative HPLC.

  • Range of pore sizes 60, 100, 300 and 1000 Å
  • Available mean particle sizes 12 µm, 20 µm, 30 µm, 50 µm, 80 µm and 130 µm
  • Different modifications
  • pH stability 2 to 8

The irregular silica POLYGOPREP can be used for different preperative applications.

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