Ion exchange HPLC columns, Bio

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HEWL5190-2480EA 933 EUR
HEWL5190-2480 HEWL5190-2485 HEWL5190-2463 HEWL5190-2440 HEWL5190-2461 HEWL5190-2460 HEWL5190-2500 HEWL5190-2423 HEWL5190-2467 HEWL5190-2444 HEWL5190-2443 HEWL5190-2465 HEWL5190-2421 HEWL5190-2487 HEWL5190-2464 HEWL5190-2427 HEWL5190-2426 HEWL5190-2425 HEWL5190-2424 HEWL5190-2492 HEWL5190-2491 HEWL5190-2452 HEWL5190-2473 HEWL5190-2451 HEWL5190-2495 HEWL5190-2472 HEWL5190-2494 HEWL5190-2493 HEWL5190-2471 HEWL5190-2499 HEWL5190-2432 HEWL5190-2454 HEWL5190-2453 HEWL5190-2431 HEWL5190-2459 HEWL5190-2435 HEWL5190-2479 HEWL5190-2439
Ion exchange HPLC columns, Bio
These HPLC columns are packed with polymeric, nonporous, ion exchange particles and are designed for high resolution, high recovery and highly efficient separations of peptides, oligonucleotides and proteins.

  • Uniform, densely packed ion exchange functional groups are chemically bonded to hydrophilic layer to increase column capacity
  • Particles, coating and bonding are resistant to high pressures, promoting higher resolution and faster separations
  • Multiple ion exchange groups are captured on one anchoring to increase capacity

It offers strong cation exchange (SCX), weak cation exchange (WCX), strong anion exchange (SAX) and weak anion exchange (WAX) phases. All phases are available in 1,7 µm , 3 µm, 5 µm and 10 µm non-porous particles sizes. Highly cross linked and rigid nonporous polystyrene divinylbenzene (PS/DVB) particles are grafted with a hydrophilic, polymeric layer, eliminating nonspecific binding.

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