Preparative columns, PLgel™

Lieferant: Agilent Technologies
VARIPL1210-6125EA 5080 EUR
VARIPL1210-6125 VARIPL1210-6115 VARIPL1210-6104 VARIPL1210-6120 VARIPL1210-6100 VARIPL1210-1120 VARIPL1210-6160 VARIPL1210-6150 VARIPL1210-6140 VARIPL1210-6130
Preparative columns, PLgel™
These preparative columns is ideal to fractionate polymers, isolate components in a polymer formulation or simplify mixtures of relatively small molecules in complex matrices.

  • Excellent column efficiency provides optimum resolution
  • High loading can isolate milli grams amounts for further study
  • Over 10 times scale up permits efficient quantification

It is packed with the same rigid, high performance media as the analytical columns so that mixtures of materials are easily separated on the basis of size, preferably in a low boiling organic solvent. They are then collected as a series of discrete fractions and isolated by simple evaporation of the solvent.

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