Stoppers, self realasing, PTFE

Lieferant: COWIE
010.1219 010.1224 010.1229 010.1234 010.1245 010.1145 010.1134 010.1119 010.1124
COWI010.1219EA 22.9 EUR
COWI010.1219 COWI010.1224 COWI010.1229 COWI010.1234 COWI010.1245 COWI010.1145 COWI010.1134 COWI010.1119 COWI010.1124
Stoppers, self realasing, PTFE
Stopfen PE/LDPE/HDPE-Stopfen
  • Fit standard ground glass joints
  • With sealing rings and self releasing ring

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