Ultrapure water system, Barnstead™ E-Pure™

Lieferant: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Barnstead™ E-Pure™
BARND4641EA 5200 EUR
BARND4641 BARND4632-33
Ultrapure water system, Barnstead™ E-Pure™
Wasseraufbereitungssysteme Reinstwassersysteme
The Barnstead™ E-Pure™ is designed to connect directly to the tap water feed, and it can handle all of the laboratory high volume ultrapure water applications with low operating costs. This system is ideal for AA, GS, buffer preps, or as a purified feed water source for analytical instruments or labware washers.

  • Produce Type 1 ultrapure water with low operating costs
  • It is simple to use and easy to maintain
  • Virgin polypropylene water pathways prevent recontamination
  • System is wall-mountable and completely assembled for easy installation
  • Quarter-turn quick release canisters allow for easy cartridge replacement
  • 0,2 μm absolute final filter removes bacteria

Digital resistivity meter is automatically temperature-compensated to 25 °C, preventing fluctuating readings due to temperature changes. Recirculation pump continuously recirculates water throughout the entire system to maintain water purity and reduce the quantity of wastewater required for rinse-up.

Bestellinformation: Optional accessories include remote dispenser, low pressure pump protector, and low water level pump protector, replacement cartridges and consumables, are available separately.

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