HyperSep™ Verify™-CX SPE columns

Lieferant: Thermo Scientific
HyperSep™ Verify™
HYPE60108-719EA 294 EUR
HYPE60108-719 HYPE60108-720 HYPE60108-723 549-1061 549-1064 HYPE60108-724 549-1062 HYPE60108-741 549-1063 HYPE60108-721
HyperSep™ Verify™-CX SPE columns
Recommended for analysis of a wide range of drugs of abuse from biological matrices, including basic and neutral drugs.

  • Mixed mode sorbent for extraction of basic drugs
  • Separation based on two functional groups: reversed phase C8 and an ion exchanger, benzene sulfonic acid
  • Co-polymerized on a rigid, purified silica gel support

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