Solid phase extraction cartridges, HyperSep™ SAX

Lieferant: Thermo Scientific
HYPE60108-713EA 199 EUR
HYPE60108-713 HYPE60108-434 HYPE60108-419 HYPE60108-418 HYPE60108-417 HYPE60108-715 HYPE60108-521 HYPE60108-360 HYPE60108-714
Solid phase extraction cartridges, HyperSep™ SAX
Strong anion exchange sorbent for extraction of weak acids.

  • Extracts negatively charged compounds from both aqueous and non-aqueous solutions
  • Ideally suited for the extraction of weak acids, e.g. carboxylic acids
  • Amine group masks the effect of the carbon chain of the functional group
  • Selectivity can be tuned by selection of buffer

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