Primer Support™ 200 for therapeutic oligonucleotide production

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Primer Support™ 200 for therapeutic oligonucleotide production
Primer Support™ 200 is a solid support designed for oligonucleotide synthesis using phosphoramidite chemistry. These monodispersed, 30 μm sized beads of cross-linked polystyrene have the properties needed for consistently obtaining high yield, high purity oligonucleotides, whilst minimising wastage of amidites and solvents. Oligonucleotide production costs with Primer Support™ 200 are significantly lower than those of standard controlled pore glass beads. Using loadings up to 250 μmol/g, Primer Support™ 200 is designed for the synthesis of oligonucleotides used in applications with high quality requirements, such as oligonucleotide therapeutics.

  • Suitable for synthesis of phosphodiester or phosphorothioate DNA of up to 30mer in length
  • Cost effective synthesis - minimal reagent consumption; high synthesis scale per reaction volume
  • High quality oligonucleotide - consistently gives >75% full length oligonucleotide purity and n-1 level <4% for Test-20 DNA sequence

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