Multimodal chromatography media, Capto™ adhere

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Multimodal chromatography media, Capto™ adhere
Capto™ adhere is a multimodal anion exchanger for intermediate purification and polishing of monoclonal antibodies after the Protein A capture step, giving the possibility to design a two-step chromatographic downstream process.

  • High capacity and productivity in flow-through mode
  • Wide operational window of pH and conductivity
  • Two-step chromatographic process with protein A affinity, saves time and cuts operating costs

It can remove key contaminants such as DNA, host cell proteins (HCP), leached protein A, dimers and larger aggregates, and viruses in a single step. Together with a Protein A capture step, like MabSelect SuRe™, Capto™ adhere allows the design of a two-step chromatographic process for monoclonal antibodies. For optimal performance, screening/optimisation of loading conditions is recommended, preferably using modern high throughput process development tools, such as PreDictor™ 96-well filter plates.

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