Universalracks mit Riegelverschluss für 48 Röhrchen, Nunc™

Lieferant: Thermo Fisher Scientific
331830 331835 331830-BR 331835-BR
479-1195EA 193 EUR
479-1195 479-1867 NUNC331830-BR NUNC331835-BR
Universalracks mit Riegelverschluss für 48 Röhrchen, Nunc™
Gestelle Gestelle für Kryoröhrchen
Use versatile Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ 1,8 ml Externally-threaded universal tubes inside a large storage system, or in smaller scale when used for traditional cryostorage in dewars. Available racked or in bulk, with 2D barcodes or non-coded.

  • Barcoded rack
  • Sterile
  • Code type: 2D, linear and human readable
  • Tubes and rack are ideal for both lower-throughput and high-throughput use
  • Feature graduations and white patch for manual marking
  • Can be used in traditional cryostorage boxes made for 10×10 arrays
  • External threads limit contamination
  • Automation-pickable in universal latch rack

Universal latch rack for 1,8 ml externally threaded or 2,0 ml internally threaded 2D tubes.

Single-piece construction with molded-in gasket, Cannot be over-tightened manually or with automated capping tools, Thermoplastic elastomer gasket material is compatible with storage at room temperature down to vapor phase of liquid nitrogen, Available with a permanently-bonded, unique 2D barcode laser-etched onto the base of tube to securely identify and track samples.

2D barcode readers instantly scans each tube's 2D barcode, registering the tube in any application or database, or integrates via several export options, Scan the tube to access sample information and identify the contents, 374502NOV is featured with 1D (linear) barcode and human readable on the side that matches 2D barcode on the bottom of the tube, Every 2D barcoded storage tube is scanned to ensure readability, Barcodes are checked against database of previously-assigned codes to prevent duplicates, Every tube has a Sterility Assurance Level of 106 and is made with class VI medical grade resins.

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