Peristaltic pump, OmniSpence® ELITE and UniSpense® PRO, WHEATON®

Lieferant: Wheaton
OmniSpence® ELITE UniSpense® PRO
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Peristaltic pump, OmniSpence® ELITE and UniSpense® PRO, WHEATON®
Pumpen Peristaltikpumpen
The Wheaton® OmniSpence® ELITE and UniSpense® PRO are intelligent peristaltic pumps for all dispensing needs. Whether the user is making sterile liquid transfers to and from containers or filling vials or titer plates these pumps will simplify and accelerate the laboratory throughput. It is ideal for any laboratory or clinical setting where accurate and precise liquid dispensing is important.

  • Highly intuitive icon driven user interface enables fast, easy setup and operation
  • Ultra high precision stepper motor ensures repeatability and accuracy
  • Calibration of the units is simplified to a single intuitive calibration screen that walks the user through the process stepwise
  • Multi-language help screens: English, Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean and Spanish

The system is operated via a large 5" backlit liquid crystal display and chemical resistant keypad. The options are displayed as large icons for quick operation and easy recognition in national and international markets. The pumps also feature a small footprint and an angled polarized display perfect for use under a fume hood or biological safety cabinet.

The OmniSpence® ELITE and UniSpense® PRO can be specifically outfitted and programmed for the process. These programs can be saved and recalled at a later time for quick application turnaround. Both pumps support tubing with different specifications and the OmniSpence® ELITE can use stacked pump heads or microcassette heads for multiple small volume dosing.

The UniSpense® PRO is a dual-spee, dedicated dispensing pump designed to accommodate single or multiple filling applications. The OmniSpence® ELITE is a variable speed dispensing pump with a built-in flow mode. The flow mode allows for real time tracking of a single liquid transfer. The pump can be paused and restarted for more involved processes.

OmniSpence® ELITE additional features
Multiple stacking pump heads allows for higher volumes and multiple fill applications with one pump
Microcassette head is ideal for precision micro-dispensing of liquids in well plates, microtubes, or microcontrifuge tubes
Works with 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8 mm tubing
Pump allows for different ramping profiles to avoid splashing or foaming
Accommodates a variety of dispensing and process applications

Zertifizierungen: Engineered to comply with industry standards including UL, CSA, CE, WEEE and RoHs compliant.

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