Graduated pipettes, Qualicolor, colour coded

Lieferant: Bohemia Cristal (Kavalierglass)
KAVA632434116618EA 16.3 EUR
KAVA632434116618 KAVAN632434116722 KAVA632434116719 VTRA1010-09 KAVAN632434116312 TNOS632100100017 KAVA632434116830 KAVA632434116314 TNOS632000101005 KAVA632434119723 KAVA632434116723 KAVA632434116516 TNOS632434116721 KAVA632434119719 KAVA632434116725 KAVA632434116308 KAVA632434119618 TNOS632434116316 KAVA632434119722 KAVA632434119312
Graduated pipettes, Qualicolor, colour coded
Pipetten Messpipetten
Soda-lime glass, class A.

  • Calibrated to deliver (TD)
  • With or without certificate
  • Not autoclavable at 121 °C

Zertifizierungen: DIN 12697, ISO 835.

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