Microorganism tests, BART test for slime-forming bacteria

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Microorganism tests, BART test for slime-forming bacteria
Mikrobiologische Testsysteme Tests zur Überprüfung von Mirkoorganismen
The SLYM-BARTs can be used as a P/A test capable of indicating to some extent the possible population size and the types of slime-forming organisms present in the water sample. Slime-forming bacteria are able to produce copious amounts of slime without necessarily having to use any iron. Iron bacteria also produce slime, but usually it is thinner and involves the accumulation of various forms of iron. BART biodetectors are excellent diagnostic tools to help identify the presence of process disruptors, such as bacteria creating slime layers and limiting disinfection.

  • Simple yet effective method for monitoring the population size and/or activity of specific groups of bacteria
  • Easy to use, requiring no elaborate or costly equipment and no specialized training
  • Effective and affordable tests are easy to interpret and can be performed at room temperature in virtually any

Slime-forming bacteria generally produce the thickest slime formations under aerobic (oxidative) conditions, which develop around the floating ball. Growth may be recognised as a cloudy or gel-like growth, which can be localised or occur throughout the sample. These growths are usually white, grey, yellow, or beige in colour and can darken over time.

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