Neo-Clear® (Xylol-Ersatz)

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Neo-Clear® (Xylol-Ersatz)
Färbemittel Mikroskopie- und Färbereagenzien
Neo-Clear® ist eine ungefährliche Alternative zu Xylol. Es ist nahezu geruchlos, kompatibel mit den meisten hochreinen Lösungsmitteln und zeichnet sich durch geringere Verdampfungsraten als Xylol aus, was es weniger gesundheitsgefährdend macht.

Neo-Clear® is an aliphatic hydrocarbon mixture that can substitute the same applications as xylene in the histo-medical lab - histoprocessing, deparaffination and clearing after dehydration in staining process

It is not necessary to change methods or incubation times when using Neo-Clear® instead of xylene. As the evaporation rate of Neo-Clear® is lower than xylene, it has less odour and the disturbing smell in the lab is reduced significantly. Neo-Clear® is more sensitive against water in solvents (turbidity can occur), so, it is essential to avoid technical qualities of solvents. It is an IVD registered product and CE certified, thus can be used for clinical diagnostic purposes.

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