Precision ground-joint thermometers

Lieferant: Ludwig Schneider
SCNL1302215EA 68.4 EUR
SCNL1292206 SCNL1292207 SCNL1302215 SCNL1292208 SCNL1292209 SCNL1302216 SCNL1302213 SCNL1302214 SCNL1302211 SCNL1302212 SCNL1292201 SCNL1292202 SCNL1292203 SCNL1292204 SCNL1292205 SCNL1312005 SCNL1312401 SCNL1312402 SCNL1312006 SCNL1312403 SCNL1312008 SCNL1312001 SCNL1312002 SCNL1312003 SCNL1312004 SCNL1312805 SCNL1302210 SCNL1312405 SCNL1312009 SCNL1312802 SCNL1292504 SCNL1292901 SCNL1292506 SCNL1292902 SCNL1292906 SCNL1292101 SCNL1292105 SCNL1302701 SCNL1292613 SCNL1302702 SCNL1292614 SCNL1292615 SCNL1292616 SCNL1302707 SCNL1302705 SCNL1302706 SCNL1302703 SCNL1302704 SCNL1312105 SCNL1312502 SCNL1312107 SCNL1312503 SCNL1312101 SCNL1312102 SCNL1312103 SCNL1312504 SCNL1312505 SCNL1312902 SCNL1292611 SCNL1312506 SCNL1292612 SCNL1302415 SCNL1302416 SCNL1292801 SCNL1302413 SCNL1292406 SCNL1292802 SCNL1302414 SCNL1292803 SCNL1292407 SCNL1292804 SCNL1302411 SCNL1292805 SCNL1302412 SCNL1292806 SCNL1302410 SCNL1292809 SCNL1292001 SCNL1292003 SCNL1292402 SCNL1302801 SCNL1302806 SCNL1302802 SCNL1302803 SCNL1312203 SCNL1312602 SCNL1312201 SCNL1312202 SCNL1312605 SCNL1292701 SCNL1292307 SCNL1292703 SCNL1292704 SCNL1292308 SCNL1292309 SCNL1292705 SCNL1292706 SCNL1292301 SCNL1292302 SCNL1292303 SCNL1292304 SCNL1312302 SCNL1312303 SCNL1312304 SCNL1312305 SCNL1312301 SCNL1312702 SCNL1312705
Precision ground-joint thermometers
Thermometer Analoge Thermometer
These precision ground-joint thermometers are suitable for official certification.

  • Colourless, prism capillary form
  • Upper part: Ø 11 ±0,5 mm, with ground joint NS 14,5/23

Blue, red, pentane, alcohol, mercury or toluene filling, enclosed type.

Zertifizierungen: Conforms to DIN 12784.

Bestellinformation: Available with works certificate or with DAkkS calibration certificate (optional).

Verpackung: Single packed in plastic square outer covering.

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