Lysates, mammalian GenLysate™, mouse

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Lysates, mammalian GenLysate™, mouse
GenLysate™ total protein lysates are ready to use for SDS-PAGE and Western blotting purposes. The total proteins are being extracted from whole tissue or cells following the method of Laemmli. The proteins are extracted in a denaturing buffer containing 62 mM Tris HCl and 2% SDS with ProteaseARREST™ protease inhibitor cocktail. This minimises proteolytic damage to the proteins.

GenLysate™ total protein lysates are offered as a 150 µg lyophilised protein per vial and, following reconstitution in DI water, are ready for use. GenLysate™ is also available in a wide variety of other species and tissues. Species include: Human (both normal tissue and tumour tissue lysates available), mouse, rat, rabbit, pig, plant-related, bacteria, insect, bird, frog, fish, marsupial, earthworm, and yeast.

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