Jars, sampling, wide mouth, with screw cap

Lieferant: EP Scientific
EPSC220-0500EA 90.9 EUR
EPSC220-0500 EPSC321-0250 EPSC220-0125 EPSC321-1000 EPSC120-0125 EPSC120-0500 EPSC320-0500 EPSC121-0250 EPSC320-0125 EPSC221-1000 EPSC221-0250 EPSC121-1000 EPSC220-2000 EPSCV320-0250 EPSC320-2000 EPSC120-2000 EPSCV221-0125 EPSCV321-0125 EPSCV220-0250 EPSC220-0060 EPSC120-0060 EPSC320-0060 EPSCV241-0950 EPSC321-2000 EPSCV320-0500 EPSCV321-0250 EPSCV341-0950 EPSC121-2000 EPSCV320-0125 EPSCV220-0500 EPSC221-2000 EPSCV220-0125 EPSC221-4000 EPSC321-4000 EPSCV221-1000 EPSC121-4000 EPSCV321-1000 EPSC220-0250 EPSC321-0500 EPSC321-0125 EPSC221-0125 EPSC320-0250 EPSC120-0250 EPSC121-0500 EPSC121-0125 EPSC221-0500
Jars, sampling, wide mouth, with screw cap
Dosen Dosen, Universal
Jars, clear or amber Type III soda-lime glass, with PTFE-lined white polypropylene closed-top cap, designed for collecting soil, sludge, waste and water samples for a variety of organic and inorganic target analyses.

  • Certified to meet EPA performance-based specifications for semi-volatile organics, pesticides, PCBs and metals analyses
  • Processed the same way as the certified jars but without certification documentation
  • Unprocessed and ready for your own cleaning procedure
  • Closures assembled on bottles
  • Available as short or tall profile

Lieferumfang: Certified jars supplied with Certificate of Analysis (CofA) in the case and barcoded with lot number for traceability.

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