Bulk sorbents, SampliQ

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HEWL5982-8382EA 139 EUR
HEWL5982-8382 HEWL5982-2082 HEWL5982-4482 HEWL5982-1082 HEWL5982-4382 HEWL5982-1182 HEWL5982-2282 HEWL5982-5750 HEWL5982-5751 HEWL5982-1382 HEWL5982-5752 HEWL5982-1882 HEWL5982-5753 HEWL5982-8082
Bulk sorbents, SampliQ
Chromatographie-Sorbentien Flash-Chromatographie-Sorbentien
QuEChERS Bulk Salts and Sorbents make sample prep easy.

  • Prepackaged QuEChERS Kits are an easy way to capture the time-saving benefits of QuEChERS sample preparation
  • Extraction kits with preweighed anhydrous salts in sealed packets allow you to add salts after you add organic solvent to your sample – avoiding an exothermic reaction that can compromise analyte recovery
  • Dispersive kits with sorbents and salts supplied in 2 or 15 ml centrifuge tubes accommodate the aliquot volumes specified by current AOAC and EN methodologies
  • Universal dispersive kits provide excellent recoveries and reproducibility for all types of fruits and vegetables
  • Ceramic homogenizers break up salt agglomerates, promoting consistent sample extraction and increasing product recovery during extraction and dispersion; shaking time reduced from 60 to 20 seconds

If you prefer to pack your own tubes for QuEChERS, these bulk salts and sorbents provide high-quality materials for that purpose.

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