General purpose qualitative filter papers

Lieferant: Ahlstrom
BINZ123334EA 120 EUR
BINZ123334 512-6245 512-6247 BINZ123330 BINZ123176 512-6121 BINZ123175 512-6120 BINZ123299 BINZ123331 BINZ123172 BINZ123051 BINZ123171 BINZ123174 BINZ123170 BINZ123323 BINZ123169 512-6099 512-6098 BINZ123321 BINZ120055 BINZ123327 BINZ123208 BINZ123329 BINZ123328 512-6095 512-6094 512-6097 512-6096 512-6091 512-6090 512-6093 512-6092 BINZ123554 BINZ123312 BINZ123314 BINZ123555 BINZ123313 BINZ123437 BINZ123558 BINZ123316 BINZ123315 BINZ123318 BINZ123317 BINZ123268 BINZ123026 BINZ123025 BINZ123269 BINZ123022 BINZ123021 BINZ123145 BINZ123024 BINZ123023 512-0606 BINZ123098 516-0771 516-0770 BINZ123095 BINZ123091 BINZ123093 BINZ123366 BINZ123242 BINZ123087 BINZ123120 BINZ123002 BINZ123089 BINZ123084 516-0768 516-0769 BINZ123080 516-0767 512-6103 BINZ123113 512-6102 BINZ123476 512-6105 512-6104 BINZ123478 512-6101 BINZ123474 512-6100 BINZ123111 512-6107 512-6106 BINZ123117 512-6109 512-6108 516-0751 516-0752 516-0750 BINZ123073 BINZ123471 516-0757 BINZ123074 516-0755 516-0756 516-0753 516-0754 BINZ123466 512-6114 512-6235 512-6113 BINZ123465 BINZ123344 BINZ123467 512-6115 512-6236 512-6110 512-6112 512-6111 BINZ123584 BINZ123100 BINZ123107 512-6238 512-6117 BINZ123109 512-6119 516-0748 512-6193 516-0749 512-6196 516-0746 512-6195 516-0747
General purpose qualitative filter papers
Filter Filterpapiere Qualitatives Filterpapier
Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s qualitative grades of filter paper are recommended for use in analytical methods which determine or identify particulate constituents of a mixture irrespective of the amount present. Qualitative filter papers are often used in routine separation work that still requires high purity and consistent performance. These filter papers covers a wide range of laboratory applications, as liquids clarification, qualitative analytical separations for precipitates and buffers filtration, and are also used for soil analysis and in food and beverage testing. Standard qualitative filter papers are suitable for quadrant folded or gravity flow applications.

These grades contain a high level of alpha-cellulose that provides high purity (ash content below 0,06%). The inherent strength of standard grades is suitable for routine quadrant folded applications but does not allow a use in vacuum work due to low wet resistance. Grade 3hw is recommended only for general purpose filtration due to a higher ash content (<0,1%) and lower filtration properties.

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