Ion selective electrodes, silver/sulfide, Orion™

Lieferant: Thermo Fisher Scientific
662-1580EA 832 EUR
662-1580 662-0834
Ion selective electrodes, silver/sulfide, Orion™
Elektroden ISE-Elektroden
These electrodes perform quick, simple, accurate and economical measurements of silver and sulfide ions in aqueous solutions. Ideal for performing low-level cyanide and halide titrations.

  • Sure-Flow™ reference junction prevents electrode clogging and provides fast and stabile readings
  • Available with a waterproof BNC ,BNC and screw cap connector and can be used on any ISE meter with a BNC connection
  • The free-flowing liquid junction assures stable, drift-free potentials
  • BNWP connector provides a waterproof and secure connection when used with the Orion Star Series meters
  • 9616BNWP: Reference and sensing electrodes are built into one electrode
  • Half cells: Must be used with the reference electrode

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