Trays, bare die/CSP, H 44 Series

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ENTEH44N22490566C2EA 0 EUR
ENTEH44N22490566C2 ENTEH44N00610566C2 ENTEH4410015062C02 ENTEH44-750-1415 ENTEH44N01931266C0 ENTEH4494531562C02 ENTEH44-999-74D10 ENTEH4443954366C02 ENTEH44-218-66C02 ENTEH44E28642866C0 ENTEH4414017566C02 ENTEH44E24090162C2 ENTEH4438619766C02 ENTEH442802966C02 ENTEH44-964-66C02U ENTEH4425062566C02 ENTEH44-359-62C02 ENTEH44N50390362C2 ENTEH44N61180366C2 ENTEH44-999-1415 ENTEH44N13260566C2 ENTEH44-535-66C02 ENTEH442503066C02 ENTEH44E61355466C2 ENTEH44500100-1415 ENTEH44-520-66C02 ENTEH44-355-66C02 ENTEH44-400-1415 ENTEH4434820266C02 ENTEH44-0055-62C02 ENTEH4424426866C02 ENTEH44-299-66C02 ENTEH44C1851301415 ENTEH4473465966C02 ENTEH4435929266C02 ENTEH44-740-66C02 ENTEH44-426-66C02 ENTEH44-750-62C02 ENTEH44-128-66C02 ENTEH4449768666C02 ENTEH4407814966C02 ENTEH44E13013266C2 ENTEH441952466C02 ENTEH44-0049-62C02 ENTEH4448183666C02 ENTEH44-740-62C02 ENTEH44-1050-1415 ENTEH44N40070066C2 ENTEH44250300-1415 ENTEH44-740-1415 ENTEH44-1550-1415 ENTEH445003066C02 ENTEH44-999-74D05 ENTEH4460675066C02 ENTEH44-220-62C02 ENTEH4478010566C02 ENTEH44C26641562C2 ENTEH44-600-62C02 ENTEH44-499-1415 ENTEH4470281666C02 ENTEH44100150-1415 ENTEH44-999-74D03 ENTEH4480614362C02 ENTEH44-600-66C02 ENTEH44519315766C0 ENTEH44-600-1415_U ENTEH44-999-62C02 ENTEH44-999-66C02 ENTEH4432850662C02
Trays, bare die/CSP, H 44 Series
Wafer-Handling-Zubehör Wafer-Einsätze
Entegris offers a wide selection of H 44 series 4" square trays, covers and accessories to meet your changing needs. H 20 series trays are available in various pocket sizes and depths, with or without wash holes and tweezers slots. H 44 series products offer proven reliability for handling bare die, including:

  • Known good die (KGD)
  • Wafer scale packing (WSP)
  • Chip scal packing (CSP)
  • Flip chip
  • Bump die
  • Opto electronics
  • Passive and active chip components, mechanical components

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