Quick Connect System Sentry® QCII

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Quick Connect System Sentry® QCII
Fittings und Verbinder
The safe and convenient method of interfacing reusable FluoroPure® chemical containers with bulk delivery systems. The patented design is key coded to assure against unsafe chemical mixing while ensuring dedicated clean service. One connection provides dispensing, venting and level detection.

  • A radial seal design provides superior leak-free performance even after multiple make-and-break connections, while minimising o-ring wear
  • Dispense head has an independently rotated key code ring that allows quick key tab alignment without having to twist the umbilical lines or rotate the container
  • Integral Flaretek® tube fittings on the dispense head provide a proven connection that improves flexibility, allowing for easy field maintenance and replacement
  • An internal check valve seals off backflow when disconnecting the Sentry® QCII Quick Connect System
  • Anti-rotation clips prevent the drum insert down tubes from twisting and becoming misaligned
  • Additional chemical key code tabs allow more code options for use in more chemical applications
  • A splash guard provides easy access to the dispense head during container change-out

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