Quartz microfibre filters, Munktell

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Quartz microfibre filters, Munktell
Filter Glasfaserfilter
These high-purity quartz microfibre filters are recommended for airborne particulate monitoring in high temperatures and aggressive atmospheres or when the lowest level of Trace Elements Analysis is required.

  • High tensile strength
  • Matches EPA and ISO standards for PM10 monitoring

Typical grade properties:
Filter thickness: 0,42 mm (according to test method ISO 534:2005)
Wet burst: 325 mm H₂O (according to test method ISO 3689:1994)
Particle retention 0,3 µm: 99,9996% (according to test method ASTM D 2986-91)
Flow rate: 1,3 ±0,1 s (according to test method ISO 5636/5:2003)
Tensile strength (MD): 449 g/15 mm (according to test method ASTM D 828-97)
Brittleness: pass (according to Test for Fiber Filters)
Loss of ignition: 2,8 % filter (according to internal test)
Lead content: Low amount µg/filter (according to test method EPA RFM (40 CRF 50))
Alkalinity: 11,7 µeq/g of filter (according to test method T 428 om-99)
Trace elements analysis: Low amount (according to test method ICP analysis)

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