Complete bacterial protein extraction reagent, B-PER™

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Complete bacterial protein extraction reagent, B-PER™
Protein-Extraktion Protein Extraction Kits
B-PER™ Complete Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent is an all-in-one formulation of non ionic detergent and enzymes that enables mild extraction of proteins from both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria without the need for mechanical disruption. B-PER Complete Reagent combines a universal nuclease and lysozyme to improve cell lysis and reduce viscosity, and may be used for soluble protein extraction and inclusion body purification from bacterial cell lysates.

  • Fast and simple – just add B-PER Reagent to a bacterial pellet, incubate with mixing for 10 to 15 minutes and recover soluble proteins after pelleting the cell debris
  • Convenient – contains lysozyme and a universal nuclease in a single formulation with 4°C storage
  • Excellent yields – recover recombinant proteins from bacterial lysates or purify inclusion bodies to near-homogeneous levels
  • Suitable for any scale of protein extraction
  • Completely compatible with addition of protease inhibitors, and the resulting protein extract can be used in protein assays, typical affinity purification methods (eg. GST, 6xHis) and other applications

B-PER™ Complete Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagents are compatible with downstream applications, such as affinity chromatography (eg. immobilised metal affinity chromatography, glutathione chromatography), SDS-PAGE, and protein quantification. Depending on the particular application, protease inhibitors, salts, reducing agents, denaturants, and chelating agents may be added to the reagent.

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