Syringeless filters, Claristep®

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Syringeless filters, Claristep®
Filter Spritzenlose Filter
Claristep® filter units with PP housing and RC membranes are used for sample preparation by particle removal prior to analytics. The filters are suitable for small sample volumes of 60 to 600 µl.

  • Effective filtration diameter of 9,7 mm
  • Optimised for filtration of aqueous liquids as well as harsh solvents
  • Maximum chemical compatibility
  • Exceptionally low non-specific binding of analytes
  • Hold up volume <30 µl
  • Units can be sterilised by autoclaving or EO

The Claristep® station enables the processing of Claristep® filters. Simply position the sample vials in the tray of the station and place the Claristep® filters on top. After the sample has been filled into the Claristep® filter reservoir the station lid is closed by hand and the liquid is filtered.

Up to 8 samples are processed simultaneously. No syringe required. No need for a vacuum source or a power supply. Filtered liquids are collected in any 12×32 mm vials based on the analytical method to be performed.

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