Enzyme modification kits, HotStart polymerase and WarmStart™

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Enzyme modification kits, HotStart polymerase and WarmStart™
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Enzyme Modification Kits can be used to modify reverse transcriptase, Bst DNA polymerase, E. coli DNA polymerase I, restriction enzymes, nucleases and proteases.

HotStart Polymerase Modification Kit provides an easy way to reversibly modify lysine residues of thermostable DNA polymerase, rendering the enzyme inactive. The modification is reversed after heating to >90 °C. HotStart modification of DNA polymerase for PCR prevents amplification of non-specific PCR products due to low stringency annealing of primers at low temperature during reaction assembly.

WarmStart™ Enzyme Modification Kit allows temperature control of enzyme activity to be applied to non-thermostable enzymes like reverse transcriptase. Similar to HotStart Polymerase Modification Reagent, the enzyme is inactivated by modification of lysine residues with a novel chemical modifier. While HotStart modification is reversed by heating to 90 °C or higher, WarmStart™ protein activity is restored by heating to 45 °C or higher.

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