AccuGENE® PBS Buffers

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AccuGENE® PBS Buffers
Puffer Elektrophorese-Puffer Waschpuffer
AccuGENE™ Molecular Biology Buffers are ready-to-use solutions ideal for a wide range of molecular biology applications.

  • Ready to use solutions
  • Reliable manufactured according to strict quality control standards to ensure lot to lot consistency
  • Guaranteed DNase-, RNase- and protease-free

Phosphate buffered saline, or PBS, is isotonic and non-toxic to most cells making it an excellent buffer for biological experiments. The osmolarity and ion concentrations of the solutions match those of the human body, so is often used to maintain cells for manipulation outside of their regular growth environment during experiments. PBS is also used in solutions that disengage attached and clumped cells.

Each reagent is prepared with 18 megOhm water, filtered using a 0,2 micron filter, and filled into sterile bottles.

For Research or Manufacturing Use Only: Not for use in in vitro Diagnostic Procedures, drug use, or for administration to humans or animals.

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