Red detection kit (GFP-CERTIFIED®), MITO-ID®

Lieferant: Enzo Life Sciences
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Red detection kit (GFP-CERTIFIED®), MITO-ID®
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MITO-ID® Red Detection Kit (GFP-CERTIFIED®) is a photostable, non-toxic and selective mitochondrial dye that stains live, detergent permeabilised and aldehyde fixed cells. This kit is specifically designed for use with GFP expressing cell lines, as well as cells expressing blue, cyan or yellow fluorescent proteins (BFP's, CFP's, YFP's).

  • Long wavelength red emission is easily multiplexed with common fluorescent dyes
  • Highly resistant to photobleaching and concentration quenching, for strong, consistent fluorescent signal
  • Highlights mitochondria regardless of the organelle’s membrane potential status
  • Stringently manufactured, to control and eliminate non-specific assay artifacts

MITO-ID® Red Detection Kit is suitable for use with live-, detergent-permeabilised- and even aldehyde-fixed-cells. The kit is useful for assessing mitochondrial morphology changes, estimating mitochondrial mass and co-localising GFP-tagged proteins to the mitochondrial compartment.

Lieferumfang: Kit contains MITO-ID® Red Detection Reagent, Hoechst 33342 nuclear stain and 10X assay buffer.

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