Kryoboxen, True North®

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True North®
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Kryoboxen, True North®
Boxen Kryoboxen
True North® freezer boxes (cryoboxes) were designed with sustainability in mind and are made from a specially formulated corrugated or thin film polypropylene.

  • Easy self-assemble boxes shipped flat-packed
  • More durable than card boxes as they are not susceptible to moisture
  • Dividers included with the boxes
  • Mold resistant
  • Store down to temperatures of –80 °C (Corrugated PP boxes)/–196 °C (Thin PP film boxes)

Boxes are moisture resistant, which significantly reduces the chance of mold growth. With superior durability, polypropylene outlasts the cardboard box alternatives that are susceptible to softening and producing dust and can freeze (down to temperatures of –80 °C) and thaw multiple times without a problem.

Thin PP film boxes can be used in mechanical freezers and vessels down to 196 °C (Vapour Phase only).

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