Natriumalginat (aus Macrocystis pyrifera (kelp)), weißgraues Puder, niedrige Viskosität

Lieferant: MP Biomedicals

Synonyme: Alginsäure NatriumsalzAlgin Natriumsalz

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Natriumalginat (aus Macrocystis pyrifera (kelp)), weißgraues Puder, niedrige Viskosität

A gelling polysaccharide extracted from giant brown seaweed. It is a straight chain, colloidal, polyuronic acid composed mainly of anhydro-b-D-mannuronic acid residues linked in the 1---->4 position. It has been used in the flocculation of solids in water treatment; as sizing agent; thickener; emulsion stabilizer; and a suspending agent.
Alginate, a colloidal polyuronic acid structural molecule capable of gelation, is used in the preparation of colloidal biodegradable structures such as gels, biofilms, beads, nanoparticles, and microcapsules suitable for applications that range from gel based separation technologies to drug delivery and cell preservation.

  • Low Viscosity
  • Presentation: Off-White Powder
  • Soluble in water, forming a viscous, colloidal solution.
  • Insoluble in alcohol and in hydro-alcoholic solutions in which the alcohol content is >30% w/w.
  • Insoluble in chloroform, ether, in aqueous acid solutions when the pH is below 3.
  • Storage temperature: Store at Room Temperature (15-30 °C)

Lagerungstemperatur: Raumtemperatur
MDL Number: MFCD00081310
CAS-Nummer: 9005-38-3


Spezifikation Testergebnisse

Identity Test Passes
Source Macrocystis pyrifera (Kelp)
Viscosity (1% aq soln) ≤300 cps

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