Dehydrated culture media, Terrific broth I & II

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Dehydrated culture media, Terrific broth I & II
Medien für die Mikrobiologie Trockennährböden für die Mikrobiologie
Terrific broth (TB) has been formulated for optimum growth of Escherichia coli for purposes of strain maintenance, cloning, protein expression. It is certified for plasmid and other bacterial cultures in liquid medium. Higher cell densities are achieved using this broth.

  • Molecular biology certified bacterial medium

Terrific broth I is shipped as two separate components, part one contains 24 g yeast extract, 12 g tryptone & part 2 contains potassium phosphate salts and glycerol in sterile solution.

Terrific Broth II is a proprietary formulation that is shipped as a single powder instead of as two separate components exhibiting same growth characteristics as the original terrific broth formula.

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