Imaging station, ColonyDoc-It™


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Imaging station, ColonyDoc-It™
The innovative and compact design of the ColonyDoc-It™ enables automated, fast and accurate colony counting. The high resolution DSLR colour camera is specifically designed to capture white light and fluorescent marked colonies and a wide array of samples. The sophisticated yet intuitive system offers researchers easy detection and analysis of media. When colony samples require different light sources, the ColonyDoc-It™ enables the easy selection of bright LED lighting. The epi blue light and optional GFP filter enable users to visualise GFP fluorescence detection. The high resolution capabilities allow capture of images down to 0,8 mm. There is no need to adjust camera buttons, since the camera is easily controlled by the software. Connection to a PC/monitor (meeting a minimum specification) is required for full function.

  • Wide range of lighting options
  • Define parameters including eight colour differentiation, split or merge, filter by group or size
  • High resolution DigiCam 130, 16 Mp colour camera with 5× optical zoom

ColonyDoc-It software

The software loads onto a computer for camera control, image capture and analysis. In addition to the software's image capture controls, the ColonyDoc-It™ software provides automatic, semi-automatic and manual colony counting capabilities. Users can define specific counting parameters including colour differentiation, splitting or merging colonies and identifying filters by group or size. Users can create templates for specific camera settings and analysis functions, allowing the same settings to be selected each time an experiment is run. In addition to colony counting, the easy to use software offers many image enhancement and reporting tools and supports compliance. Images can be saved in multiple file formats, plus data can be exported to Excel or other programs.

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