Gabapentin ≥99% (by TLC)

Lieferant: Enzo Life Sciences

ALEXBML-CA234-0100EA 402 EUR
ALEXBML-CA234-0100 ALEXBML-CA234-0020
Gabapentin ≥99% (by TLC)

Ca2+ channel blocker

Gabapentin is a GABA analog which does not act at GABA receptors but which inhibits L-type calcium channels via binding to the alpha2-delta subunit and neuropathic pain relieving actions. Ligands acting at the alpha2-delta subunit lead to anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and neuropathic pain-relieving actions.

Formel: C₉H₁₇NO₂
Molekulargewicht: 171,24 g/mol
MDL Number: MFCD00865286
CAS-Nummer: 60142-96-3


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