Opioid ligand library, Screen-Well®

Lieferant: Enzo Life Sciences
ALEXBML-2814-0100EA 2590 EUR
ALEXBML-2814-0100 ALEXBML-2814-0500
Opioid ligand library, Screen-Well®
Zellkultur-Ergänzungen und -Zusätze
The Screen-Well® opioid and sigma ligands plate contains 74 ligands including endogenous neurotransmitters, agonists, antagonists, and marketed drugs. The library is ideal for screening or identifying recombinant orphan G protein coupled receptors, target validation, secondary screening, assay development, and other pharmacological applications. The opioid and sigma ligands plate is 1 plate of the larger Neurotransmitter Library which contains over 650 ligands.

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