Glass microfibre filters without binder, grade GF/C RTU, Whatman™

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Glass microfibre filters without binder, grade GF/C RTU, Whatman™
Filter Glasfaserfilter
These borosilicate glass filters are widely used as total suspended solids filters for applications testing both potable water and waste water.

  • Fine particle retention
  • Good flow rate and loading capacity
  • Binder free
  • Particle retention: 1,2 µm

The GF/C RTU line is the pre-treated version of the traditional GF/C filters. They are washed, dryed, cooled (in a desiccator), and weighted according to the requirements of EN 872 – the European norm for suspended solids in water testing. These filters are certified to have weight loss of less than 0,017 mg/cm² after preparation, which is required by the standard. Each ready-to-use filter is placed in an individually barcoded aluminium pan that notes the filter weight. The barcode can be scanned to give customers more information regarding the weight of the filter.

Pre-rinsed, dried and un-weighed versions are also available.

Zertifizierungen: Meets EN 872 standards.

Lieferumfang: Each box contains an additional box ID and barcode that can be used to download the weights of all 100 pans in that box.

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