Eukaryotic hybridisation controls, BIOARRAY™

Lieferant: Enzo Life Sciences
ALEXENZ-42661-150EA 2230 EUR
ALEXENZ-42661-150 ALEXENZ-42661-30
Eukaryotic hybridisation controls, BIOARRAY™
Biotin-labelled transcripts for microarray internal controls.

  • Provides known concentration of transcripts for microarray internal controls
  • Can be used together with deoxy oligonucleotide control (Deoxyoligo B2) to assay quality and performance of microarray

These eukaryotic hybridisation controls contain biotin-labelled transcripts prepared from three E. coli genes, bioB, bioC and bioD, and one from bacteriophage P1, cre. These together with the synthetic biotin-labelled deoxy oligonucleotide control (Deoxyoligo B2) are added to biotin-labelled target cRNA before hybridisation to probe sequences on the array. These sequences of known concentration provide an internal control for assaying quality and performance. Deoxyoligo B2 aids software programs such as the Affymetrix Microarray Suite by aligning the grid with the array image.

Lieferumfang: Supplied with eukaryotic hybridisation controls, 20X, (30 pM bioB, 100 pM bioC, 500 pM bioD and 2000 pM cre) and control Deoxyoligo B2 (3 nM).

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