pJY2 plasmid

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pJY2 plasmid
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pJY2 encodes tRNAUCUArg to suppress lysine misincorporation at AGA codons and T7 lysozyme to depress constitutive expression of the cloned gene. pJY2 can also be used as a source of tRNAUCUArg with expression systems, such as the pGEX series of vectors, that do not rely on T7 polymerase.

The AGA arginine codon is rarely used in E. coli but is common in eukaryotic genes. The AGG arginine codon is also infrequently utilized in E. coli. As tRNAUCUArg decodes AGG when over-expressed, pJY2 is also likely to ameliorate problems associated with the expression of genes containing AGG codons.

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