Tissue processing/embedding cassettes, Unisette™, M405

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Tissue processing/embedding cassettes, Unisette™, M405
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These cassettes are moulded from a special high density polymer and keep specimens safely submerged in liquid.

  • Resistant to the chemical action of most histological solvents
  • Efficient flow-through slots maximize fluid exchange and ensure proper drainage
  • One-piece integral lid eliminates the need for separate steel lids
  • Snap latch and hinge-lock design prevent early separation of base and lid

Lids can be opened and closed as often as necessary and they always relock securely without danger of specimen loss.

Bestellinformation: Available in non-cytotoxic, non-metallic colors.

Verpackung: Available in 25 stacks of 40 cassettes or 3 dispenser boxes of 500 cassettes.

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