Diethylether stabilisiert USP für Anästhesie, Macron Fine Chemicals™

Lieferant: Avantor Performance Materials

Synonyme: EthyletherEtherÄtherEthoxyethan2,2'-Oxydiethan2,2'-Oxybisethan

Stabilisierung: Stabilisiert mit BHT/Ionol/2,6-Di-tert-butyl-4-methylphenol

0804-10EA 100.18 EUR
Diethylether stabilisiert USP für Anästhesie, Macron Fine Chemicals™

For anesthesia. Contains BHT as a preservative.

Formel: (CH₃CH₂)₂O
Molekulargewicht: 74,12 g/mol
Dichte: 0,71 g/cm³
Flammpunkt: -45,00 °C
MDL Number: MFCD00011646
CAS-Nummer: 60-29-7
UN-Nummer: 1155
ADR: 3,I


Spezifikation Testergebnisse

GMP Manufactured Product
Meets U.S.P Requirements
CAUTION: For Manufacturing, processing or repackaging
Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemical
USP - Specific Gravity at 25°/25°C 0.713 - 0.716
USP - Acidity (as CH₃COOH) ≤0.003 %
USP - Aldehydes Passes Test
USP - Ethanol, For Information Only
USP - Low-Boiling Hydrocarbons ≤0.2 %
USP - Nonvolatile Residue ≤0.003 %
USP - Peroxide (as H₂O₂) ≤0.3 ppm
USP - Preservative (BHT) ≥0.00005 %
USP - Water (H₂O)(by Karl Fischer titrn) ≤0.2 %
Appearance (clear, colorless liquid)
Only the Class 3 solvent Ethanol is likely to be present as a preservative. The actualconcentration is reported.

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