Milli-Q® IQ Element purification system

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Milli-Q® IQ Element purification system
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Milli-Q® IQ Element water purification and dispensing unit is designed to fit into your trace analysis workflow. The Milli-Q® IQ Element unit, combined with a Milli-Q® IQ 7 series water purification system, delivers analytical grade ultrapure water that is suitable for trace and ultra-trace elemental analyses, including ICP-MS, GF-AAS and trace IC.

  • Designed to fit into your trace analysis workflow
  • Easy to integrate – the compact unit is designed for seamless, contaminant-free installation in your cleanroom environment or laminar flow hood
  • Easy to use – a touch screen lets you continuously view essential quality parameters, and, in a few clicks, you can print a dispense report or program your desired dispense volume
  • Easy to avoid contamination – there's no need to touch the unit while working; a footswitch allows for hands-free dispensing at your point of use
  • All components used for water production are made from selected low extractable materials
  • Easy data management – never lose track of your water quality
  • An intuitive data management system lets you monitor, store and rapidly retrieve water quality data in a few clicks

Ultrapure water suitable for the most stringent trace elemental analyses.

Technological advances in sensitive analytical techniques, such as inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), graphite-furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy (GF-AAS) and trace ion chromatography (IC), allow us to detect and measure elements at ppt and sub-ppt levels. These trace and ultra-trace detection levels are key for sensitive applications in such diverse fields as environmental testing, pharmaceutical analyses, forensic science, and the food and beverage industry.

Low detection levels mean that special care must be taken to avoid trace contamination, which can impact experimental results. Contaminants may arise from the reagents, instrumentation, operators, lab environment and any sample containers used.

This is equally true for ultrapure water used in analytical process. Due to the dissolution and dilution processes required in sample preparation, high purity water typically constitutes over 90% of a sample analysed by these sensitive techniques. High purity water is also used for cleaning sample containers, washing plastics and preparing blanks and standard solutions.

Bestellinformation: The consumable kit is necessary to order with Milli-Q® IQ Element. Kit is needed to get the system to operate as the System-POD connector. For trace element specifications or more information, see datasheet, 'Ultrapure water tailored for trace elemental analyses'.

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