Thermal shift protein stability kits, GloMelt™

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Thermal shift protein stability kits, GloMelt™
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Kit for fluorescence-based measurement of protein unfolding or thermal stability in thermal shift assay, also called Protein Thermal Shift™, differential scanning fluorimetry, or Thermofluor assay.

  • Green fluorescence (Ex/Em 468/507 nm) optimal for qPCR instruments
  • Optional ROX normalisation for improved consistency
  • Compatible with high detergent concentrations
  • Tolerates wide pH range, reducing agents, and common buffers/excipients
  • Great for high-throughput assays, low reaction volumes, and low protein concentrations

GloMelt™ dye undergoes fluorescence enhancement upon binding to hydrophobic regions of denatured proteins, and therefore can be used to detect protein unfolding or measure thermal stability by performing a thermal shift assay, also called Protein Thermal Shift™, differential scanning fluorimetry, or Thermofluor assay. This is a rapid and inexpensive technique that quantifies change in protein denaturation temperature, and thus can be used to screen conditions that affect protein thermal stability, such as protein mutations, ligand binding, and buffer formulations. These assays are rapid (typically about 30 minutes) and are performed on a quantitative PCR system. The thermal shift method is compatible with high throughput screening and requires much less protein than methods such as circular dichroism and differential scanning calorimetry.

GloMelt™ dye has significant advantages over other environmentally sensitive dyes, such as SYPRO® Orange and PROTEOSTAT® TS dye. GloMelt™ dye generates a strong signal because it is optimised for detection in the SYBR® Green channel of qPCR instruments, and therefore low reaction volumes and low protein concentrations can be used. GloMelt™ dye is compatible with high concentrations of protein stabilisers (such as glycerol and sorbitol), and protein destabilisers (such as DTT and imidazole). GloMelt™ dye performs very well in high detergent concentrations, unlike SYPRO® Orange. Another advantage is that ROX dye can be included with GloMelt™ dye during thermal shift assays, which improves results by increasing replicate consistency in PCR instruments that require ROX passive reference dye.

Lieferumfang: Kit components: GloMelt™ dye 200X, goat IgG control 10 mg/ml, ROX reference dye 40 μM (BTIU33022-T/BTIU33022-1 only).

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