Broad range RNA quantitation kits, AccuBlue®

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Broad range RNA quantitation kits, AccuBlue®
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The AccuBlue® broad range RNA quantitation kit boasts the widest linear range (5 to 1000 ng RNA) of available RNA quantitation kits, while providing exceptional accuracy, sensitivity, and high RNA selectivity.

  • Detection range spans Qubit® HS and BR
  • Highly selective for RNA over dsDNA
  • Far-red fluorescence emission
  • For fluorescence microplate reader or Qubit® RNA broad range program
  • Mammalian RNA standard to accurately quantify similar samples

High sensitivity and broad linear range:
The assay is linear between 5 and 1000 ng of RNA per 200 μl assay well, which spans both Qubit® high sensitivity and Qubit® broad range detection ranges. It is ideal for use in quantifying RNA for sensitive applications such as Next-Gen Sequencing (NGS) or reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR).

RNA specificity:
Unlike absorbance-based measurements, RNA broad range dye is selective for RNA over double-stranded DNA, and can tolerate an equimolar amount of dsDNA in the sample without significant effect on RNA quantitation (purified RNA samples are still recommended).

Instrument compatibility:
The AccuBlue® broad range RNA quantitation assay is designed for use with fluorescence microplate readers equipped with excitation and emission filters for detecting far-red fluorescence. It is also optimised for use in the Qubit® fluorometer, using the pre-programmed RNA Broad Range program.

Bestellinformation: Replacement vials of RNA standard can be purchased separately.

Lieferumfang: Kit components: RNA broad range dye 200X, RNA broad range buffer, RNA dilution buffer (Standard 1 if using Qubit®), RNA broad range standard, 100 ng/μl (Standard 2 if using Qubit®).

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