X-ray and metal detectable scoops, SteriWare®

Lieferant: Sampling Systems
SAMPM1000B-250EA 33.8 EUR
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X-ray and metal detectable scoops, SteriWare®
The X-ray and metal detectable scoops are ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical production. They are made from a special grade of PP that can be detected. The bright blue colour also means that they can be easily seen if left in the powder in line with HACCP guidelines.

  • Robust PP construction, provides excellent chemical resistance to many products
  • Available in volumes from 30 to 2500 ml
  • Full batch traceability

To ensure the cleanliness of the scoops they are manufactured and packed in a Cleanroom. They can be used as a single use disposable product straight from the bag or reused. The robust nature of these scoops means that they give many years of service.

Zertifizierungen: These PP scoops conform to all the latest standards including FDA 177.1520, EU 10/2011, EC 1935/2004 and are BSE/TSE free. Batch certificates are available.

Verpackung: Supplied individually bagged.

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