VWR® UltraPure, Stripping Buffe

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VWR® UltraPure, Stripping Buffe
Puffer Elektrophorese-Puffer Stripping-Puffer
Gentle ReView™ Stripping Buffer is a mild, yet effective method for stripping primary and secondary antibodies from PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes.

  • Odor-free, room temperature procedure
  • Minimize loss of antigen

The gentle nature of this buffer makes it possible to re-probe the same membrane several times without damaging the membrane-bound antigen. It is an odorless, ready-to-use formula that equires no mixing or heating prior to use. Most antibody-antigen complexes can be dissociated within 30 minutes at room temperature by Gentle ReView™ Stripping Buffer. However, incubation times and temperatures are dependent upon the affinity of the antibody-antigen interaction and may need to be optimized for each combination used.

Bitte beachten For research use only. Not for therapeutic or diagnostic use.

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