Peqlab peqGOLD TriFast™, DNA/RNA/protein purification reagent

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VWR® Peqlab peqGOLD
30-2010EA 287 EUR
Peqlab peqGOLD TriFast™, DNA/RNA/protein purification reagent
Nukleinsäure-Reagenzien Reinigungskits und Reagenzien für Nukleinsäure
TriFast™ is a complete ready to use reagent for simultaneous isolation of RNA, DNA and proteins from liquid samples, tissue and cells.

  • Contains phenol and guanidine isothiocyanate
  • Scalable prep size
  • Suitable for small and large samples of human, animal, plant, yeast and virus

The isolation method for RNA, DNA and proteins is built on the well-known single step liquid phase separation (RNAClean). After the addition of chloroform the homogenate separates into three phases upon centrifugation. The aqueous phase containing the RNA, the interphase the DNA and the organic phase. Protein are processed separately resulting in RNA, DNA and protein of excellent quality and high yield.

Simultaneous purification of DNA is an effective way to normalise RNA yields from sample to sample.

Bitte beachten Store at 4 °C, protect from long exposures to light (stable for 12 months)

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