Tissue Marking Dye Kit, Sigma-Aldrich®


M-Clarity™ quality level = MQ200

MDT100-1KTEA 773 EUR
Tissue Marking Dye Kit, Sigma-Aldrich®
Tissue Marking Dye Kit

Designed for orientation of excised surgical specimens. This method of permanently marking the margins of tissue specimens is very beneficial to surgeon and pathologists testing for skin cancer.

  • Suitable for haematology
  • Suitable for histology
  • 5 colors

This method of marking multiple margins of specimens was originally documented by Dr. Frederick Mohs. Five 2 oz. bottles of dye: blue, black, yellow, red and green. Convenient holder and application sticks.

Kit component only
Red Dye (R3780) 2 oz
Green Dye (G4421) 2 oz
Blue Dye (B8186) 2 oz
Yellow Dye (Y0146) 2 oz
Black Dye (B8311) 2 oz

Lagerungstemperatur: Kühlschrank
UN-Nummer: 3316


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