pCMV-tag vectors

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AGLS240195EA 819 EUR
AGLS240195 AGLS240196 AGLS240197 AGLS240198 STRA240197 AGLS240203 AGLS211175 AGLS240204 AGLS211173 AGLS211174 AGLS240200 AGLS240202 STRA211175 STRA211174 AGLS211172 STRA211173 STRA211172 AGLS211170
pCMV-tag vectors
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The pCMV-Tag vectors have a single copy of the available epitope tags, while the pCMV-3Tag vectors have three copies of the epitope tag (in a variety of configurations) to prove a stronger signal in immmunological assays.

The small size of these tags ensures that they will have minimal interference with functional analysis studies.

Bitte beachten For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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