Polyurethane surface sampling bags with PolyProbe™, Whirl-Pak®

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Polyurethane surface sampling bags with PolyProbe™, Whirl-Pak®
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Make environmental surface sampling faster and easier with sterile Whirl-Pak polyurethane surface sampling bags with 8" PolyProbe™.

  • Write-on label makes identifying samples easy and convenient
  • Available with dry PolyProbe or hydrated with 10 ml of HiCap™ neutralizing broth
  • Terminally gamma processed to guarantee sterility (+1 Sterilization)
  • PolyProbe comes with a probe attached proven to be very strong – holds up to pressures required to breakthrough biofilms
  • Opening Tyvek® Pull Tabs are perpendicular to the opening of the bag: Keeps your hands away for a safe, aseptic collection technique each time

Designed for surface sampling and effective in 'hard to reach' areas, the 20,3 cm (8") long probe consists of a polypropylene holder with detachable handle that is adhered to a durable polyurethane sponge that resists tearing and fraying. Probe is packed in a sealed 710 ml write-on bag and either dry or hydrated with 10 ml of HiCap™ Neutralising Broth. Product is terminally gamma processed to guarantee sterility. Box contains five foil pouches with 20 probes each for a total of 100 probes.

To use the probe, tear open the top of the Whirl-Pak® bag, squeeze out any excess HiCap™ Neutralizing Broth (when using the hydrated version), swab the surface, insert the probe back into the bag, fold the top of the bag over three or more times, and bend in the wire tabs to close. Send to a lab for testing.

Shelf life from sterilisation date found on the sterility documentation: 2 years from sterilised date found on your sterility confirmation due to the buffer. 2 year shelf-life with ambient storage at 2 to 30 °C. The bags are packed in a foil liner bag to prevent buffer evaporation.

Zertifizierungen: Approved by USDA, FDA, EPA and HACCP. Food safe.

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